• Jump For Fun’s safety skirts are designed to stop toddlers and pets from being able to crawl under the trampoline while in use
  • It is the same netting material as the safety enclosure and can be fitted at the same time
  • The Jump For Fun safety skirt is secured in place with velcro fastenings
  • The Jump For Fun safety skirt also has pockets so that items such as bottles, jewellery, shoes and phones can be stored while the jumper is on the trampoline
  • The Jump For Fun safety skirt will fit any make of trampoline

Trampoline Safety Skirt Facts

  • Prevents children and pets from going under the trampoline
  • Fits most makes of trampoline
  • Storage pockets
  • Green netting that blends-in with garden
  • Available for 8ft-15ft trampolines

Please Note

  • When measuring your trampoline for a new Jump For Fun safety skirt, please measure from the outer edge of the frame all the way across to the other edge of the trampoline, and not just the black mat area

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