• All Jump For Fun covers have elastic straps that go underneath the frame and hook onto the springs
  • The Jump For Fun covers fit 8ft-14ft trampolines. Octagonal covers are also available that fit 8ft-15ft trampolines – simply select the size you require
  • All Jump For Fun covers are universal fitting. They fit any round trampoline with the net still attached. They also fit any standard 4 or 6 legged trampoline
  • The Jump For Fun covers are designed with a central hole to ensure rain does not collect in the centre of the trampoline and cause strain on the jumping bed of the trampoline
  • The Jump For Fun covers are ideal to use as a protective cover against leaves and debris in the Autumn/Winter months
  • Jump For Fun trampoline covers will fit most other quality brands

Please Note

  • Unlike other covers, Jump For Fun covers will fit on your trampoline when the safety net is up

Trampoline Cover Facts

  • PVC
  • Central drainage
  • Fits 3, 4 & 6 legs
  • FREE delivery
  • 14 day money back guarantee

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