• Trampoline Safety Netting

    • The Jump For Fun trampoline safety enclosure netting is ideal for revamping your current safety enclosure
    • All Jump For Fun safety netting comes pre-packed and ready for assembly
    • As with all Jump For Fun safety enclosures the replacement nettings are designed to go around the circumference of the trampoline to ensure the trampoline is fully enclosed
    • The full surround reduces the feeling of claustrophobia and eliminates the chance of a child falling off the outside area – for example when one child is crawling around the padding, while another is bouncing
    Please Note
    • You are purchasing the Jump For Fun safety netting only. It does not include the poles, pole foams, sleeves or pole tops - these can be ordered separately
    • When you have a safety enclosure installed on the trampoline, it is important that it is fully functional and not just hanging loosely
    • Before the children start to use the trampoline again - it is worth checking there are no holes in the net, it is correctly secured to the poles and that the opening can be fully closed correctly
    Trampoline Netting Facts
    • Full surround safety netting only
    • Polyester sleeves
    • Pole tops
    • Free UK mainland delivery
    Call 02036 375936 for more info
  • Trampoline Pads



    • Are you looking for a new trampoline pad or spring cover because your old PVC one has cracked or just fallen apart with age?
    • The new Jump For Fun trampoline surround padding transforms your trampoline experience
    Trampoline Pad Facts
    • 25mm foam block
    • Waterproof polyester
    • Toggle attachment system
    • Free UK mainland delivery
    • Customer support
    • 2 year warranty
    Call 02036 375936 for more info
  • Trampoline Jump Mats



    • Jump for Fun knows that all products eventually succumb to wear and tear, and trampoline mats are no exception!
    • Spare Jump For Fun trampoline mats are available to fit most makes of trampoline, spring size and quantity of springs
    • The Jump For Fun trampoline mat is the jumping area the jumper bounces on, not the padding surround that sits over the springs
    • All Jump For Fun trampoline mats are USA Permatron™ polypropylene matting. This is the highest quality standard for a jump mat becasue it reduces static and friction
    Trampoline Mat Facts
    • USA Permatron™ Polypropylene
    • Free UK mainland delivery
    Please Note
    • In order to identify which Jump For Fun trampoline mat to order, you will need to firstly measure your trampoline
    • Follow these simple steps to measure your trampoline for a new jump mat:
      • Measure from the outer edge of the frame all the way across to the other edge of the trampoline - not just the black mat area
      • Count how many springs the trampoline has
      • Measure the length of the springs - it is best to take one off the trampoline so that it is a relaxed state. Then measure it from the top of the hook to the bottom of the other hook
      • If you’re in any doubt whether Jump For Fun’s trampoline mats will fit your trampoline, please contact us prior to ordering for clarification.
    Call 02036 375936 for more info
  • Trampoline Enclosure Pole Foams

    • The Jump For Fun pole foams act as replacement foams for safety enclosure poles
    • Bring your trampoline safety right up-to-date, while retaining your existing poles
    • Pole foams fit Jump For Fun products and any other brands with net poles that are 25mm diameter
    • Full top and bottom sets of foams fit trampolines with 3, 4 and 6 pairs of legs
    • Jump For Fun pole foams are available in the most popular colours of blue and green
    Call 02036 375936 for more info
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    Pack of two poles with white protective foams

  • Out of Stock
  • Out of Stock
    • Jump for Fun have a range of trampolines using 7”, 8.5” and 9” springs. Please check the length of your existing springs before purchasing.
    • All of our helical springs have been designed and tested to give the optimum bounce.
    • Our range is fully galvanised to give maximum protection against the weather.
    • Replinish just a single spring or give your trampoline a makeover by changing the entire set.
    Call 02036 375936 for more info