Ooh it is bouncy this one! Oooosh! 5 Lemons on Keith’s Lemon-eter!
Keith Lemon, TV Presenter
This is brilliant, great for adults, children, the whole family can have fun, it’s really springy, great for exercise and great for balance…5 out of 5!
Louise Cole, TV Presenter and Trampolinist
My kids love this trampoline, and so do all their friends…and so do I when they’ve gone to bed!
Bethany Cook
Very happy with our new trampoline. Fast delivery, easy to assemble and clearly safer than other models available!
Abbie Thompson
When it’s gone, it’s gone! Due to closure, we have very limited stock. Make sure you place your order before you miss out!

Designed to give you control of your bounce. Designed to be safer.

The OctaJump’s design is such that the spring layout gives a far greater area of softness throughout the jump mat upon which optimum bounce can be achieved. The direction of bounce isn’t forced by the springs, it’s dictated by the jumper, therefore giving far greater control to the person bouncing.

Normally risk occurs when there is more than one person jumping, and on a round trampoline the risk of collision increases due to its design. A round trampoline will always draw jumpers into central areas where bounce is best as all springs point to the middle.

The OctaJump has combined all the vital components to maximise both safety and performance. The patented frame giving strength and stability whilst our Permatron™ polypropylene matting and newton balanced springs optimise jumper experience regardless of age or ability.

Greater Safety

Our Trampolines far exceed the European standard for Trampolines EN71-14 by using our own patented technology and specialised materials.

  • Galvanised Weldless Steel Frame

    All OctaJump KING Trampolines have a patented superior weldless frame ‘T-Section’ that eliminates the risk of the frame breaking as there are no weld joints.

  • Higher Quality Pads and Mats

    The OctaJump KING range of trampolines come with a deluxe 25mm UV stable rubberised PVC padding that will not split or crack due to the weather. The foam inside our padding is superior EPE foam and is the same thickness all the way across the padding.

    All our mats are USA Permatron™ polypropylene matting. This is the highest quality standard for a jump mat as it reduces static and friction.

  • Stronger Safety Enclosures

    We’ve increased our poles from the standard 25mm to 38mm, making our nets one of the strongest available.

  • Warranty

    Jump for Fun Trampolines come with a minimum of a 10 year warranty from structural failure due to rust.


When it’s gone, it’s gone! Due to closure, we have very limited stock. Make sure you place your order before you miss out!

13ft x 14ft

11ft x 12ft

9ft x 10ft

7ft x 8ft

Play Roofs

Our new Play Roof offers the solution to many parents of what to do when it is raining but the children still want to be outside. Our new play roof fits over the existing net poles retaining the safety element of the enclosure netting. Jumpers can now have fun in almost any weather although we recommend taking off the roof in very windy weather or snow. The Play Roof not only keeps the trampoline bed dry it covers it from debris from trees and birds. If you have young children it offers UV protection against potentially harmful sun rays.

Accessories & Spares

Our excellent range of accessories include trampoline tents and playdens that further enhance the fun whilst our trampoline play roofs ensure all weather play. Our Anchor-kits and debris cover will keep your trampoline in good condition over winter months.

FREE Delivery

All our products are dispatched to your door FAST and FREE. Available for deliveries Mon-Fri. Excludes weekends (Charges will Apply). Free Delivery is available for UK mainland only. Trampolines can be delivered on the day of your choice, a member of the team will contact you to discuss your preferred delivery day.

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Jump For Fun

Jump for fun was established in 2004 as part of a larger retail group who have been in business since 1989. With young children of our own, we felt that we understood what parents were looking for in trampolines. (1) Top priority being safety (2) Value for money (3) Performance (4) Long warranties (5) After sales support. It goes without saying you can only have safe products if quality components are used and all of our products feature the best materials and specifications possible. In 2006 some other brands were failing from weld breaks on the frame, in fact the world’s largest trampoline company at the time had to perform a large product recall which affected thousands of customers. Although Jump For Fun had not experienced problems like this, we decided to eliminate all welds from our products, being one of the first companies to do so. Extensive R & D saw birth to our patented ‘T’ section, which joins the frame to the legs. Jump For Fun has always been a trail-blazer with designing new safety features and always looking at ways we can improve our products, during which time we discovered the vastly superior benefits of octagonal trampolines.

Over time Jump For Fun has moved away from selling the more traditional round trampolines to focus purely on the OctaJumps and ways in which to improve it. 2011 saw the launch of our own play tent, the first trampoline tent that fits over the existing safety net making it much safer than conventional trampoline tents.

We are constantly revamping our product from increasing the length of the springs, adding further foam to our pads and in early 2016 we increased the girth of our safety poles from 25mm to 38mm to strengthen its resistance.

In late 2015 Jump For Fun underwent an ownership restructuring with Logical Fulfilment Ltd buying into the company to add its distribution and logistics expertise. With a fresh enthusiastic team coupled with the existing years of experience in trampolines, Jump For Fun are now positioned to move forward whilst continuing to give great customer service behind our premium established unique trampolines.